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Commercial Real Estate Financing Build Around Your Needs

Commercial real estate is varied, both in value and in use, and your reasons for investing in it tend to be varied, too. Depending on your current level and type of investment, different commercial real estate financing structures will make more or less sense to you in your current situation, and that’s why your lending partner needs to provide you with choices. At Scott Capital Lending Group, we have put together a variety of real estate financing products you can select to meet your needs, and our associates are also happy to talk about how you can combine loan packages if you are making complex investments.

Our Selection of Financial Products

When you are working on the global stage, you need access to the sovereign wealth funds and high net worth investors that make these projects possible, and we can help.

If you have reached the limits of traditional borrowing on a property and you still need more funding to get off the ground, our associates can help you find investors willing to sponsor entrepreneurs through opportunities.

Loans built around milestone goals provide multi-stage support for your construction projects, no matter how big or small they happen to be.

Occasionally, you need funding to close a sale even though your long-term financing has yet to fall into place. Bridge loans provide it, giving you up to three years to line up your next move with the property.

If you are participating in these federal programs, we can help you access funds set aside for those purposes.

Fixed rates, amortizing loans, and the risk is guaranteed so your lender can afford to help your company. These loans are built to help small companies succeed.

These products provide interest savings when you do not plan on prepaying.

Fixed-rate, amortizing products with 10 to 30-year terms are still very popular.

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