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Franchise Financing That Fits Your Business

If you are investing in a franchise operation, you already know how complex the startup process can be. From licensing fees to supplies, staffing, and even facilities, you have a lot of plates to keep spinning to get to your launch date smoothly.

That’s why you need franchise financing that is built to help you succeed. Most traditional business loans are tied to specific assets, but franchise operators need flexible working capital they can put wherever it has to go, and that means they need their own program.

Building Financing for First-Time Owners and Beyond

At Scott Capital Financing, our challenge was to build a franchise funding program that can work easily for first-time owners who are just learning the business. We also wanted it to be powerful enough for repeat investors, though, especially once our first wave of customers started to succeed and expand their holdings. That is why we created these long-term franchise financing opportunities for all kinds of franchise businesses.

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