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Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Setting up Your Company’s Credit Lines

If you are getting a business established, one of the first forms of financing you are likely to be able to access is the unsecured credit line. It’s also one of the most important, because unsecured business lines of credit can be used over and over without reapplication, and also because they provide so many advantages to your cash flow management and accounting processes that they will still prove to be useful long after your debt portfolio has diversified.

Using Unsecured Credit Lines to Manage Expenses and Cash Flow

When you used unsecured credit lines, you gain a written record of the transactions independent of the receipt logs you might collect, which gives you an easy way to reconcile your records. You also gain the ability to pay your vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors without worrying about what the state of your incoming accounts looks like, so you can work with your customers and build the relationships you need to build.

Your New Credit Line

When you apply for a line, you have the opportunity to access up to $50,000 I you represent a small company, or up to $500,000 if your business has an income over $1 million per year. All of our lines come with great features, including:

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